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Truth in a Post-Truth World

Coming to DVD on October 13
Bellingcat: Truth in a Post-Truth World follows the rise of the collective known as Bellingcat, a group of online researchers – all private citizens – dedicated to exposing the truth behind controversial news stories from around the world. From the Malaysian jetliner shot down over Ukraine to the poisoning of a Russian spy in England, the Bellingcat team’s quest for truth brings clarity and accountability to our era of fake news and alternative facts.

Bellingcat uses cutting-edge digital techniques and crowdsourcing to create a faster, more innovative approach than traditional journalism. For the first time, the group gave exclusive access to filmmakers allowing us to see the inner workings as they demonstrate the power of open source investigation and put networks, newspapers and governments to the test.

{ SXSW North American Premiere }

"Exciting, cloak-and-dagger stuff, no less exciting (or valid) for having been done from someone’s armchair at home. In a world where Putin, Trump, and Kim Jong-un are leading the charge to 'break' the news, Bellingcat are doing their best to put it together again."

- Variety

"A highly engaging and fascinating documentary that questions the validity of the 'truth' being presented to us on television, in news stories, and through social media...just the meticulous research of Bellingcat will blow your mind." - Film Threat

"A fascinating yet sobering reminder of a time when the idea that facts exist wasn’t so thoroughly contested. It’s frankly a relief to hear someone explain how we got here, how the culture of 'fake news' came to rule the day, and then provide a clear example of how one group is standing up against it. Bellingcat is a refreshing portrait of citizen journalism in the digital age."
- The Hollywood Reporter

"In an age of constant misinformation and outright lies, it’s a comfort to know these people are out there, pushing back against the tide."
- Toronto Now

{ Winner of an International Emmy }
DVD Street Date: October 13
UPC: 7-20229-91806-0  |  Catalog #: FRF 918060D  |  MSRP: $24.95
Directed by Hans Pool  |  88 minutes, color, 2018
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