Chasing Portraits
A film by Elizabeth Rynecki

Moshe Rynecki (1881-1943) was a prolific Warsaw-based artist who painted scenes of the Polish-Jewish community until he was murdered at Majdanek concentration camp. After the Holocaust, Moshe’s wife was only able to recover a small fraction of his work, but unbeknownst to the family, many other pieces survived.

For more than a decade his great-granddaughter Elizabeth has searched for the missing art, with remarkable and unexpected success.

Spanning three generations, Chasing Portraits is a deeply moving narrative of the richness of one man’s art, the devastation of war, and one woman’s unexpected path to healing.

On DVD & VOD November 26

{ Official Selection - San Francisco & New York Jewish Film Festivals }

"This moving portrait of one woman's effort to connect with her family history and particularly with a man she never knew had me tearing up. The connections she made with her great grandfather across time and space was magical.
Highly recommended!"

-Steve Kopian, UNSEEN FILMS

Chasing Portraits is about a search. Yet the most affecting parts of this documentary come with the realization that some things may never be found."

-Ken Jaworowski, THE NEW YORK TIMES

"Part Woman in Gold and part family home movie, with shades of
Everything Is Illuminated and Antiques Roadshow.
Both funnier and deeper than even its compelling premise suggests."

-Shana Nys Dambrot, LA WEEKLY

"With its compelling tale of a family's trauma and recovery,
Elizabeth Rynecki's story is captivating throughout every stage of her journey.
As the years go by, the importance of preserving this part of history through the younger generations grows. Chasing Portraits shows the pain and impact of the Holocaust spanning every generation and also showcases the strength it takes to heal. Rynecki has created a beautiful portrait of loss and growth and in doing so has brought the gift of Moshe Rynecki's art to a new, thankful audience."

- Dylan Brennan, NONFICS
UPC: 7-20229-91792-6
Catalog #:
FRF 917926D
MSRP: $24.95

Run Time: 78 minutes
Year: 2018
Language: English
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