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I'm pleased to offer The Corporate Coup d’État from Emmy Award-winning director Fred Peabody, whose previous documentary All Governments Lie was also handled by First Run. His latest film looks at how the 'corporate oligarchy' has subverted our political process, leading to income inequality and chronic poverty across large swaths of the country, not to mention a loss of status and respect among the world's nations.

Please let me know if you're interested. I'm happy to send a screening link.

Marc Mauceri
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The Corporate Coup d’État

Corporations and Billionaires Taking Control of the American Political Process.

A democracy should protect its citizens, especially the most vulnerable among them, but the United States is increasingly failing to do so. This investigative documentary blends the insights of philosophers, authors and journalists with the experiences of citizens of the Rust Belt, where the steel industry once flourished, but where closures and outsourcing have left it desolate and hopeless. It’s here that Donald Trump finds some of his most fervent supporters.

Journalist Chris Hedges argues that the crisis predates Trump’s election by many years: Trump is a symptom, not the disease. Decades ago, U.S. democracy began selling its soul to big corporations. Lobbyists and business-friendly politicians took control in Washington, gradually undermining the will of the people. Journalist Naomi Klein recently described Trump’s administration as a 'corporate coup d’état'. Hedges and philosopher John Ralston Saul argue that the real coup took place long before.
"Powerful...a horror film of the most realistic kind.
Fred Peabody's documentary examines the ways in which corporate interests increasingly control society. The title announces what the viewer is in for: taken from a 1995 lecture by Canadian philosopher John Ralston Saul, it refers to the ever-growing control of our democratic institutions by companies looking out solely for their own interests. Saul had described it as happening in 'slow motion,' but as the film vividly illustrates, the phenomenon has increased rapidly in the age of Trump.
The film certainly doesn't pull its punches."

"The Corporate Coup d’État isn’t a horror doc, but it methodically builds a sense of impending doom...zeroing in on people damaged by what is, in effect, an oligarchy."
-POV Magazine

"Fred Peabody's film persuasively shows how capitalist interests have been actively subverting the levers of democracy for a long time."
-NOW Toronto
With journalists Chris Hedges, Phillip Martin, Sarah Jaffe, Matt Taibbi and Lee Fang; and philosophers John Ralston Saul and Cornel West.

90 minutes, color, 2018  |  Available on DCP & Blu ray

Director: Fred Peabody  Producer: Peter Raymont
Executive Producers: Peter Raymont, Fred Peabody, Steve Ord, Jeff Cohen, Hans Robert Eisenhauer
Editor: James Yates  Cinematographer: John Westheuser  Sound: Jason Milligan
Line Producer: Connie Littlefield  Composer: Michelle Osis
Produced by White Pine Pictures and Ventana-Film in association with Super Channel, ZDF/ARTE, YLE, with the participation of Ontario Creates, Telefilm Canada, the Rogers Group of Funds through the Theatrical Documentary Program, with the assistance of The Park Foundation and the Government of Canada

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