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Roger Paradiso's New Documentary Opens October 19 in New York

Special Filmmaker Q&A's Opening Weekend

Interviews available upon request
First Run Features is proud to announce the New York theatrical premiere of The Lost Village, a new documentary directed by Roger Paradiso. The film opens at New York's Cinema Village on October 19, 2018.

With a provocative eye and fearless tone, The Lost Village pulls back the curtain on this greedy land grab to discover what happened to the place that gave us Bob Dylan, Andy Warhol, Jack Kerouac, Jimi Hendrix, Lady Gaga, Richard Pryor, Judy Collins, Allen Ginsberg and so many more.

Greenwich Village, once a bohemian sanctuary for starving artists and college students who went on to change the world's culture, has turned into a ghoulish hang out for cover bands and Wall Street hipsters unable to recreate something that is lost. NYU is now a real estate company extracting outrageous fees and tuition from students as they take over more and more historic land in the Village. Student debt is at an all-time high while student prostitution and suicide are on the rise. The Lost Village explores how the corporate take-over of the Village, with high rents and gentrification, is displacing the few remaining artists and Mom & Pop shops.

Q&A Information

The West View News, the voice of the West Village, will sponsor the extraordinary Q&A’s following the evening performances. Village advocacy groups, and individuals, are asked to sponsor an evening and join the Director onstage for a live and filmed question and answer period. The Director will guide the group and individuals to speak and address their own issues on living in the Village in the 21st Century. There is a possibility these sessions will form the basis for a sequel if enough people sign releases. Selected clips of these sessions will appear in print and online in the West View News during the fall. There will be seven (7) Q&A's during the week’s run from October 19th-24th.

"A gripping portrait of the systemic legalized corporate crime spree devouring not only Greenwich Village but all our major urban landscapes. A potent call to arms."
- Kurt Jacobsen, Filmmaker/Author

"The Lost Village is like a detective story in which the case becomes darker and darker as we witness the devastating effects of unchecked greed and capitalism on the city and its people."
- Enrrico Wood Lagonigro, Senior Curator, Oaxaca FilmFest
Filmmaker Bio

ROGER PARADISO is currently the Producer/Director of Searching for Camelot, a three-part feature doc examining the fascinating lives of JFK, RFK and Jackie and the world they inhabited called Camelot. His last film, being distributed by First Run Features, is The Lost Village, a story about the decline and fall of the bohemian Greenwich Village. A recent film, I Want My Name Back, is the unknown story of the Sugarhill Gang who broke Hip Hop around the world with their landmark song called "Rapper’s Delight." Toronto Film Scene said: " I Want My Name Back will stand as a classic piece of musical history."

Past Film credits include Producer/Director/Writer of Tony ‘N’ Tina’s Weddin starring Mila Kunis and Adrien Grenier. He was Executive Producer for City By The Sea, starring Robert DeNiro, Frances Mcdormand, and James Franco. Mr. Paradiso was the Co- Producer on The Thomas Crown Affair, starring Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo, as well as Co-Producer on At First Sight, starring Val Kilmer and Mira Sorvino .


Directed and Produced by Roger Paradiso
Composed by Robert Temple Jr.
Music by David Amram & Laura Warfield

+ + + + + + + + + + +

Director - Roger Paradiso
Run Time - 88 minutes
Language - English
Format - Digital
Year - 2017
Genre - Documentary

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