Now Streaming - a musical tribute to the legendary South Pacific recording artist and transgender activist Moses Moshanty Tau
I’m Moshanty. Do You Love Me? is a musical tribute to the late, legendary South Pacific recording artist and transgender activist Moses Moshanty Tau and the LGBTQI community of Papua New Guinea. With their lives still haunted by colonial-era sodomy laws and deadly religious bigotry, Moshanty stands as a beacon of hope for the transgender and LGBTQI community of the entire South Pacific.

The world’s second largest island, Papua New Guinea is one of the most dangerous places to be a woman. Sorcery accusation killings and family violence is endemic, and HIV infection rates are the highest in the Pacific. Transgender women are most often homeless, unemployed, denied education and medical care and living under the constant threat of robbery, rape and murder.

Filmed in the fall of 2017 by director Tim Wolff and including her last live performances, the film celebrates the transgender activist with a mother's heart, teeth of gold and a voice like a coronet. Hear her journey from a tiny Motuan village to the top of the regional music industry. In her last interview, she shares her personal truth and her greatest desires as a woman with her millions of fans.
I'm Moshanty - Do You Love Me?
A film by Tim Wolff
57 minutes | color | 2020
In English and Tok Pisin with English subtitles
Also Available! Tim Wolff's first documentary
The Sons of Tennessee Williams

Mardi Gras, drag royalty and a glittering civil rights revolution - where else could these elements come together but in New Orleans? Interweaving archival footage with contemporary interviews, The Sons of Tennessee Williams tells the story of New Orleans' gay Mardi Gras across five decades and uncovers the history of the first civil rights for gay Americans.

"Southern grace and Mardi Gras glamour. A new chapter in the history of gay rights." -The Hollywood Reporter

Available on iTunes, Amazon, Vimeo & DVD >>


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