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A new documentary by Stacey Tenenbaum
Available for Bookings Beginning October 14, 2022!
''A beautifully filmed elegy on the metals we discard, and their innate capacity for renewal and transformation.''
- Jennifer Baichwal, Director of Manufactured Landscapes, Watermark & Anthropocene
Discover the vast and strangely beautiful places where things go to die and meet the people who collect, restore, and recycle the world’s scrap. SCRAP scratches beneath flaking paint and rusting metal to reveal the beauty and pathos in what we leave behind.   SCRAP is a love letter to the things we use in our daily lives. Using soaring aerials to capture the size and scope of often surreal landscapes, this cinematic doc tells the story of people who have deep connections to objects that have reached their 'end of life'. Together these stories convey a deeper environmental and human message about our relationship to things, the sadness we feel at their eventual loss, and the joy that we can find in giving them a new purpose.
Toronto press from the Hot Docs 2022 Premiere

A meditative experience to be savored."
-Awesome Friday

"Never have rust and decay looked more beautiful."

"A cinematic marvel."
-Mr. Will Wong, Hot Docs Preview Guide

"Scrap is an elegiac and artistic portrait of what we leave behind."
-The Joy of Movies
A film by Stacey Tenenbaum
78 minutes | color | English | 2022
Available on DCP, mp4 & Blu ray

Available Beginning October 14 for Live & Virtual Cinemas
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Paul Taylor: Creative Domain
A documentary by Kate Geis
82 minutes, color, 2015

Among the most acclaimed choreographers in American history, Paul Taylor reinvented the roles of music and movement in dance for nearly 60 years. This rare, in-depth look into his creative process was the last film made with him before his death in 2018.

"CRITIC'S PICK! “Absorbing… approaches the mystical.”
-Rachel Saltz, The New York Times

Riders of the Purple Sage: The Making of a Western Opera
A documentary by Kristin Atwell Ford
82 minutes, color, 2020

The documentary follows a classically trained composer as he adapts Zane Gray's dime novel masterpiece into a grand opera – bringing America's cowboy culture and the sprawling beauty of the West into the realm of Puccini and Verdi.

"Riveting. An excellent portrayal of the making of an opera...takes the audience on a fascinating journey behind the scenes of a truly sparkling production. Highly recommended!" -Video Librarian
Free Puppies!
A documentary by Samantha Wishman & Christina Thomas
70 minutes, color, 2022

Millions of rescue dogs from the rural South have been transported to new homes thanks to the tireless efforts of a grassroots network of dog rescuers. Free Puppies! is the true story of where those dogs came from and the challenges facing a group of intrepid women rescuers working together to save them.

“Truly, truly inspiring in the most powerful sense of that word.”
-NPR’s "Talking Animals"

The Book Keepers
A documentary by Phil Wall
92 minutes, color, 2021

The Book Keepers follows the uplifting journey of a husband who keeps his wife's dream alive by becoming the spokesperson for her book after her death.

{ Winner! Audience Award & Jury Award – Austin Film Festival }

"Engrossing...memorable...profound. Beautifully captures the complex nature of the way we cope with loss."  -Douglas Laman, The Spool
A Life's Work
A documentary by David Licata
90 minutes, color, 2021

What’s it like to dedicate your life to work that won’t be completed in your lifetime? Fifteen years ago, filmmaker David Licata focused on four unique people in an effort to answer this universal question.

"A remarkable journey that reveals the minds of people willing to devote themselves to a cause far bigger than they are. A moving, heartfelt, and important lesson and inspiration for us all."
-Paul M. Sutter, Author of Your Place in the Universe

The Celluloid Bordello
A documentary by Juliana Piccillo
86 minutes, color, 2021

Since the dawn of cinema, sex workers have been portrayed (mostly negatively) by filmmakers. A mix of history, critique and homage, The Celluloid Bordello lets sex workers tell you which films they love and hate, and which get it right and which miss the mark.

"A deep, cerebral dive into the cinema of sex work."
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