"The Land of Owls is a well-shot, superbly acted little indie that invites us to understand what couples therapy is,
without ignoring the potential dangers.
This is a thoughtful, often engrossing film, and worth recommending to cineastes who still fly the flag for intelligent, sensitive fare."
-Film Authority

The Land of Owls follows a pair of Brooklyn couples working through their relationship issues at an upstate retreat.
In the isolation of the Catskill Mountains, the retreat leader pushes the couples through a weekend of exercises that force them out of their comfort zones. Removed from the routine distractions of city life and engaging in honest communication for the first time, they have a chance to rebuild their partnerships – or to leave them behind.

"Like a gentle, loping folk song, The Land of Owls is a definite mood.
A measured alternative to the blockbuster action and spectacle fare of summer, writer-director Patrick Letterii’s feature debut evokes the tranquility and reflection one might garner on a hot, lazy weekend spent at a rustic Catskills retreat...a subtle, elegant dance that rewards sincere reflection."

"The film uses its ethereal setting and mystical score to craft an almost illusionary and suspicious tension throughout. What makes it a refreshing viewing experience lays within the honesty and realness it portrays.
Letterii does well to reflect relationships that feel real and relatable."
-Screen Queens
The Land of Owls
A film by Patrick Letterii
Cast: Ricardo Dávila, Blake DeLong, Emma Duncan,
Emma Lahti, Ronald Peet, David Rysdahl & Jasmin Walker

79 minutes, color, 2021

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