Dear Programmers and Bookers,

Below are three films that will appeal to audiences interested in Jewish subject matters.

The first two, Chasing Portraits and Back to the Fatherland, are documentaries that have recently enjoyed amazing screenings around the world. The last film, The Second Time Around, is a fiction feature that has already had several festival screenings in North America, but since we just successfully opened it theatrically (in Los Angeles and in Florida) I thought I should highlight it one last time.

I hope you will consider these for your programming needs. I'm happy to send screening links and more information.

Best wishes over the holidays,

Marc Mauceri
First Run Features
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A film by Elizabeth Rynecki (78 min)

Moshe Rynecki (1881-1943) was a prolific Warsaw-based artist who painted scenes of the Polish-Jewish community until he was murdered at Majdanek. After the Holocaust, Moshe’s wife was only able to recover a small fraction of his work, but unbeknownst to the family, many other pieces survived.

For more than a decade his great-grand- daughter, Elizabeth Rynecki, has searched for the missing art, with remarkable and unexpected success. Spanning three generations, this documentary is a deeply moving narrative of the richness of one man’s art, the devastation of war, and one woman’s unexpected path to healing.

{ San Francisco Jewish Film Festival 2018 }
{ New York Jewish Film Festival 2019 }
Back to the Fatherland
A film by Kat Rohrer & Gil Levanon (77 min.)

Back to the Fatherland
is the story of young people leaving their home country to try their luck somewhere else...
a universal tale in today’s globalized world.

The difference in this story is that these young people are moving from Israel to Germany and Austria — countries where their families were persecuted and killed less than a century ago.

This deeply human and revealing film explores the challenges and opportunities for reconciliation and understanding between the Third Generation on both sides of the Shoah.

{ Washington Jewish Film Festival 2018 }
~ Released in theaters throughout Germany & Austria ~
A film by Leon Marr (107 min.)

Katherine Mitchell (Linda Thorson), a widowed yet vibrant senior, wasn’t looking for love a second time – not at her age, and certainly not with grumpy Isaac Shapiro (Stuart Margolin).

Despite the nosey bunch of seniors in the residence where Katherine convalesces after breaking her hip, she and Isaac warm to each other over their shared love of music. Against unforeseen obstacles, their love blooms and together they set out to fulfill Katherine’s lifelong dream of going to the opera in Milan.

"Besides being a charming love story, it gives us insightful glimpses into the lives of the residents of senior citizen facilities. I recommend this movie heartily!"
-San Diego Jewish News

“Thorson and Margolin deliver fine performances. She’s feisty yet vulnerable. He’s cantankerous yet loving. And as a couple, they mesh in this endearing film.”
-The Times of Israel
For screening links and information, please contact:

Marc Mauceri | | 212-243-0600 x20

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