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Our latest releases include Louise By the Shore, a charming tale of an older woman abandoned in a seaside town who relies on her past to survive her present; and The Summer of All My Parents, a light-hearted film about two sisters spending the summer shuttling between their divorced parents.
A film by 
Jean-François Laguionie

75 minutes, color, 2016

On the last day of summer at a small seaside resort town, 75-year-old Louise misses the last train out. After a torrential rainstorm, she emerges from her room the next morning to find the streets flooded and the town utterly deserted. Days, weeks and months pass in this dreamlike interlude as Louise learns to fend for herself, her solitude interrupted only by a talking dog and memories of her past.
Evoking Jacques Tati’s Mr. Hulot’s Holiday, The Twilight Zone, and Post-Impressionist watercolors, this lovely, imaginative film is an “animation for adults” only in the sense of its mature and reflective sensibility.

"Endearing and original...will likely draw comparisons to 'The Red Turtle.'"-THE HOLLWOOD REPORTER

"Charming...unexpectedly upbeat. With her humor, quiet determination and lack of fear of the future, Louise is a delight – a Robinson Crusoe in pearls and a panama hat." -SCREEN DAILY

"Laguionie’s delicate, gentle and mystical story will move viewers of all ages. It’s a richly layered work, awash with poetry."-CINEUROPA

On DVD August 8 | On iTunes July 25
A film by Diasteme

97 minutes, color, French w/English subtitles, 2016

14 year old Laura and her older sister Joséphine spend the summer holidays shuttling between their divorced parents - secretly pregnant Mom and bachelor Dad. But when Joséphine falls for a hunk and winds up in the wrong crowd, Laura turns out to be more responsible than the grown-ups who spend their time 'educating' her.

"4 STARS! The feel-good movie of the summer."- L’EXPRESS

"A mix of comedy, drama, and thriller."- LE PARISIEN

"Skillful, light-hearted, and modern."- A NOUS PARIS MAGAZINE

"The cast is impeccable, the script is innovative,the tone is right, and the humor and music are joyful!"- PARIS-MONTMARTRE MAGAZINE

On DVD August 8 | On iTunes July 25

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