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Theatrical Release

September 8, 2017

Company Town is an investigative documentary following one man's mission to save his town in Crossett, Arkansas, polluted by Georgia-Pacific, one of the nation's largest paper and chemical plants, owned by Charles Koch and David Koch. They produce Brawny paper towels, Angel Soft toilet paper, and Dixie cups. Neighbors work for the mill and are sick with cancer. Company Town represents hidden towns across America battling illness and pollution by big business.


Documentary / Environmental

Directed by Natalie Kottke, Erica Sardarian
Written by Natalie Kottke, Erica Sardarian
Featuring David Bouie, Cheryl Slavant, Wilma Subra

USA, 2016 / 90 min / English


Theatrical Release
September 15, 2017 / Cinema Village

Extraordinary Ordinary People is a music-fueled journey through Folk and Traditional Arts in America and a sweeping celebration of the cultures of the world living and thriving in the United States, directed by Alan Govenar.

At a time when the existence of the National Endowment for the Arts has never been more threatened, Govenar's documentary focuses on one of its least known and most enduring programs: the National Heritage Fellowship, awarded annually since 1982. Featuring a breathtaking array of men and women who have been awarded the fellowship, including musicians, dancers, quilters, woodcarvers and more, the film demonstrates the importance of the folk and traditional arts in shaping the fabric of America.


Directed by Alan Govenar
Edited by Jason Johnson-Spinos
Written by Alan Govenar and Jason Johnson-Spinos
Cinematography by Didier Dorant and Robert Tullier
Photographs by Alan Govenar
Narrated by Sheila Kay Adams and Elva Perez

USA, 2017 / 84 min / English

Theatrical Release
November 29, 2017 / Film Forum

Benedict Cumberbatch gives life to the words of British soldier Norman Lewis, whose remarkable memoir of post-World War II Naples form the basis for this haunting evocation of a ravaged land, and later a city of infinite charm. Lewis entered Naples as part of an invasion of Nazi-occupied Italy. His memories of a ravaged land and his return many years later are recalled with magnificent warmth and wit. Filmmaker Francesco Patierno combines riveting archival war footage with clips from movies set in Naples from the 1950s and 60s (featuring Marcello Mastroianni, Alan Arkin, Ernest Borgnine) to evoke a city that was as much a victim of the war as any individual, but that has come back to life with all the charisma of Vesuvius, its very own volcano.


Documentary / War

Directed by Francesco Patierno
Featuring Benedict Cumberbatch, Adriano Giannini,

Italy, 2016 / 84 min / English

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