Legendary Photographer Burk Uzzle Captured in

Breathtaking Images on American Civil Rights, Race & Social Justice

A documentary by Jethro Waters

For 65 years and counting, Burk Uzzle has created some of the most iconic photographs in American history. From Martin Luther King to Woodstock to America's small towns and back roads, Uzzle's photographs have provided a breathtaking commentary on American civil rights, race, social justice, and art.

Grounded in documentary photography when he was hired by LIFE magazine at age 23, Uzzle's work grew into a combination of split-second impressions reflecting the human condition during his tenure at the international Magnum cooperative (founded by one of his mentors, Henri Cartier-Bresson).

An electrifying fusion of music, image, and dialogue, F11 and Be There captures the life and artistry of this most unique American photographer.
Official Selection:
Austin Film Festival
Full Frame Documentary Film Festival
Riverrun International Film Festival
Oaxaca FilmFest
"With its behind-the-scenes look at one of America's best photographic practitioners and its depiction of a man with the soul of a true artist, F/11 and Be There should be required viewing for aspiring artists everywhere. In a world filled with darkness, this film shines a little light."
- Rod Machen, Cinapse
"A great photograph invites contemplation. Burk Uzzle's work somehow goes a step further,
ushering the viewer into a meditative state. The pulse quiets, the mind clears of distraction
when looking at a Burk Uzzle picture. That quality of both arresting time and the viewer's
attention has remained consistent throughout Uzzle's career, which began more than 65 years ago. The full breadth of his contributions comes into frame in this new documentary."
- Matthew Carey,

Directed by Jethro Waters | 84 minutes | In English | 2018
Burk Uzzle Biography

Burk Uzzle’s career, like his pictures, is a nuanced composition blending American culture, individual psyches of particular places or people, and an atypical way of seeing ourselves, our values, and our community. Always respectful yet locating the poignant or quirky, the history of his narrative belongs to all of us.

Initially grounded in documentary photography when he was the youngest photographer ever hired by LIFE magazine at age 23, his work then grew into a combination of split-second impressions reflecting the human condition during his tenure as a member of the prestigious international Magnum cooperative founded by one of his mentors Henri Cartier-Bresson. For fifteen years, Uzzle was an active contributor to the evolution of the organization and served as its President in 1979 and 1980. During the sixteen years he was associated with Magnum, he produced some of the most recognizable images we have of Woodstock (album cover and worldwide reproduction of its iconic couple hugging at dawn) to the assassination and funeral of Martin Luther King Jr. to our comprehension for the experience of Cambodian war refugees.

His archive spans almost six decades. His current work rests deep in photographic appreciation of the quiet, strong, and eloquent beauty he discovers in America’s small towns and its people. Uzzle’s current body of work is the production of artful and constructed reflections of his subjects, many of whom are African-American residents proximal to his studio in North Carolina. Their layers of experience are conjoined with Uzzle’s fundamental appreciation for unseen characteristics, which he ably captures in a collaborative, interpretive context along with his eye and his heart.

Though Burk Uzzle's contributions to the mediums of art photography and photojournalism over a 60+ year career are innumerable, F11 and Be There finds its center in his contemporary portraiture work with African Americans in Eastern North Carolina. This film is a journey alongside one of America's greatest visual poets as he makes museums exhibitions with a local community, travels America's backroads in search of hidden treasures of Americana, and using his vast archive as a guide, confronts race, inequality, and injustice through the many parallels of the 20th and 21st centuries. As an artist at the age of 80, Burk Uzzle momentum through creation is only ever increasing. As vibrant and whimsical as many of his photographs are, so too are his musings about the philosophies of art and living.

Director Jethro Waters Biography

Jethro Waters is a writer, director, producer, editor, and cinematographer of films, television, and music videos. Among features and short films, he has made music documentaries and music videos with Angel Olsen, Natalie Prass, Eric Slick, Valient Thorr, Matthew E. White, River Whyless, and a host of other musicians and artists. Jethro’s work as a filmmaker has often been published in The New York Times, The Guardian, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, NPR, Billboard, among many other publications and media outlets. He has made a wide range of films with teams from various professions - publishing, art, academia, cinema, music, and commercial.

His recent film, YENE FIKIR, was in the official selection of the 22nd Annual San Francisco Black Film Festival, and was screened in the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, with a live score performed by acclaimed musician Natalie Prass.

Jethro’s short film, REMAINS, was a featured part of the Civil Rights museum photography exhibition “I Am a Man” curated by William R. Ferris, exhibiting in The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington D.C., as well as art museums in Montepellier, France, and Johannesburg, South Africa through 2018 and 2019.
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