A film by Konrad Aderer

Resistance at Tule Lake tells the long-suppressed story of 12,000 Japanese Americans who dared to resist the
U.S. government’s program of mass incarceration during World War II. Branded as "disloyals" and imprisoned at Tule Lake Segregation Center, they continued to protest in the face of militarized violence, and thousands renounced their U.S. citizenship.

Giving voice to experiences that have been marginalized for over 70 years, this new documentary from Japanese American filmmaker Konrad Aderer challenges the nationalist, one-sided ideal of wartime "loyalty."
"A potent piece of history at a time when the United States
is once again feeling less than hospitable.
-The New York Times

DVD Extras

1. Grace Hata: Life in Japan (9:41)
Grace Hata describes her family's struggle for survival after they decided to live in Japan.

2. Interview  with  Konrad Aderer  (5:04) 
Director Konrad Aderer talks about what drove him to make Resistance  at Tule  Lake,
why the Tule Lake story remains urgent today, and how the legacy of resistance is being
carried on in the pilgrimage community.

On iTunes October 23
| On DVD October 30

DVD MSRP: $19.95
Catalog #: FRF 917681D
UPC: 7-20229-91768-1
Run Time - 78 minutes
Language - English/Japanese
Year - 2017
Genre - Documentary
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