You Gotta Go Through Hell to Get to Heaven
A New Documentary by Tommy Hyde
Doug Butler is a hardscrabble Vermont dairy farmer with an offbeat passion – dog mushing.

A local folk hero, Doug’s ease with cows, dogs and people is a joy to behold. And when he trains his team of mutts on the family farm with a dream to compete at the world championships in Alaska, his teenage exuberance seems to erase the tired lines on his sixty-five year old face.

Meticulously captured over the course of a decade, Underdog paints an intimate vérité portrait of Doug Butler as he puts a curiously optimistic twist on the family farm tragedies that have so marked American rural life. In the era of the pandemic, the resonance of Doug’s journey extends to all who have faced down loneliness, isolation and the struggle to make sense of forces beyond control.
"Tommy Hyde’s heartwarming documentary traces the life of an aging Vermont dairy farmer. Hyde’s subtlety as a filmmaker, along with the fabulous, eccentric central figure, bring to mind David Lynch’s The Straight Story. Both films are remarkable for how seemingly unremarkable they are. Stick with it, and the film’s subliminal power will sneak up on you."
-Alex Saveliev, FILM THREAT
A documentary by Tommy Hyde
82 minutes | color | English | 2022
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Slamdance Film Festival
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Anchorage International Film Festival
Thin Line Fest
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Glow (opens June 15 in Los Angeles!)
A documentary by Gabriel Baur
100 minutes, color, 2017

Irene Staub, aka Lady Shiva, one of the greatest of all Swiss divas, is the subject of Gabriel Baur's new documentary. A fixture of Zürich's exuberant years between 1968 and the late '80s, she lived life in the fast lane and died far too young. Here is her story.

"An exciting, atmospherically realized portrait of the 80s icon that lets you look into the rough past of Zurich." -Blick am Abend
Touristic Intents (opens June 12 in Los Angeles!)
A documentary by Mat Rappaport
82 minutes, color, 2022

Exploring the connection between mass tourism and political ideology, Touristic Intents investigates the never-completed Nazi resort of Prora, on Germany's Baltic Sea, a mammoth project started in 1936 by the Nazis to house 20,000 vacationing workers.

Best Feature Documentary!
Massachusetts Independent Film Festival 2022
The Quiet Epidemic
A documentary by Lindsay Keys & Winslow Crane-Murdoch
102 minutes, color, 2022

After years of living with mysterious symptoms, a young girl and a scientist are diagnosed with a disease said to not exist: Chronic Lyme disease. The film follows their search for answers, which lands them in the middle of a vicious medical debate.

Through its masterful storytelling, The Quiet Epidemic does what any good investigative doc should do – it informs, infuriates, breaks your heart, and fills you with hope."  -Awards Daily
A documentary by Stacey Tenenbaum
78 minutes, color, 2022

Discover the vast and strangely beautiful places where things go to die and meet the people who collect, restore, and recycle the world's scrap in this cinematic documentary.

A beautifully filmed elegy on the metals we discard, and their innate capacity for renewal and transformation."
-Jennifer Baichwal, Director of Manufactured Landscapes

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