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A film by Anthony Desiato

Comic book characters are box office gold, but why do comic book stores struggle to survive?

In My Comic Shop Country, filmmaker Anthony Desiato sets out on a quest to explore the culture, business, and fandom of comic shops across America. Venturing behind the scenes in stores from coast to coast, he reveals an industry in transition as shops strive to remain relevant to the growing hordes of fans of movies, online gaming and mega-conventions. The film is a heartfelt exploration of the power of comic shops to build a community that honors the original form of the superhero: the comic book.
Winner: Best New Work
Chain NYC Film Festival 2019

"If you love comics or if you’ve ever hung out in a comic shop then you really need to see Anthony Desiato‘s My Comic Shop Country. The film is a glorious celebration of not so much comic books, but the people and community that they bring together. Highly recommended for anyone who loves of the best comics docs I’ve run across."
-Steve Kopian, Unseen Films

"A multifaceted look at where the comics industry has been, where it is now — and where it might be going. It’s most definitely worth your time."
-Dan Greenfield, 13th Dimension
Director Biography

Director Anthony Desiato has been chronicling the culture of comic shops through documentaries and podcasts for the past decade.

While attending law school, Anthony fulfilled a long-held ambition by turning the camera on Alternate Realities, the New York comic book store where he worked. The result, My Comic Shop Documentary, screened at film festivals across the country and garnered press in multiple media outlets, including The New York Times. Anthony followed up his debut with the award-winning short By Spoon! and the feature-length Wacky Man: The Rise of a Puppeteer.

With the Kickstarter-funded My Comic Shop Country, Anthony has widened his focus to comics retail across America, shining a light on an oft-overlooked side of the industry.

As a podcaster, Anthony hosts the My Comic Shop History series.

Fimmaker Statement (excerpt)

"Comic book stores: they are clubhouses, time capsules, gathering places, and destinations. They are—individually and collectively—a community. At a time where face-to-face interactions, let alone meaningful ones, are increasingly rare, comic shops are struggling but enduring by remaining part of people’s routines. My hope is that the documentary inspires its viewers to reflect on the places and rituals (comic shops or otherwise) that have given them a sense of belonging, as my comic shop did for me."
Connecting with Director Anthony Desiato - Podcast & Social

Run Time: 85 minutes
Year: 2019
Language: English
Genre: Documentary

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