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There have not been too many documentaries that confront the issues surrounding mental health in a dramatic way. Sandra Luckow's That Way Madness Lies... not only achieves this, but does so by showing us the unfiltered POV (via iPhone diary) of a person who is slowly descending into madness. And not just any person, but Sandra's brother Duanne.    

I hope you'll consider booking this powerful and unique film following our Academy qualifying runs in New York and Los Angeles, which begin December 14. I'm happy to send a screening link.

Marc Mauceri
Theatrical Bookings
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A film by Sandra Luckow
101 minutes, color

What do you do when your brother descends into a black hole of mental instability falling for a Nigerian email scam and winding up committed into the hospital made famous by One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest?

Filmmaker Sandra Luckow unflinchingly turns a camera on her own family as they attempt to to save their brother Duanne, whose iPhone video diary is an unfiltered look at the mind of a man with untreated schizophrenia as well as an indictment of how the system failed.

"A unique and powerful documentary. The most honest portrayal
of how severe mental illness ravages families and lives that I have seen."
-Pete Earley, Author of Crazy: A Father's Search Through America's Mental Health Madness

"4/4 Stars. Duanne's self-shot videos are a rare glimpse into the horror of schizophrenia from a first-person viewpoint. The result is intimate but expansive, speaking
empathetically to problems faced by thousands of American families."
-Willamette Week

"I was astounded by Sandra Luckow's determination.
Central to the film is Duanne's own footage, filmed on his iPhone. Over the course
of a year, he recorded videos reflecting his growing paranoia. Through this footage,
'That Way Madness Lies' provides a rare first-person account of schizophrenia."
-Columbia Spectator
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For a screening link and more information, please contact:

Marc Mauceri | | 212-243-0600 x20

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