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For some reason (which I suspect has to do with the fact that my stomach controls my brain), films about food are my favorites to watch. From Babette's Feast to Kings of Pastry to Jiro Dreams of Sushi, I really can't get enough of them. I'm getting hungry just writing this.

So with that in mind, I'm excited for you to check out Cuban Food Stories, Asori Soto's scrumptious new doc about re-discovering the cuisine of his homeland.

Please check out the trailer it's awesome!  I'm happy to send a screening link to the feature as well.

Marc Mauceri
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Cuban Food Stories
A film by Asori Soto
82 minutes, color

From the Executive Producers of
Jiro Dreams of Sushi comes a unique
film about food, society and culture on
the island of Cuba.

After a decade living in the United States, Asori Soto returns to his homeland of Cuba to search for the missing flavors
of his childhood a journey to discover culinary traditions long thought lost due
to the hardship that Cuba survived after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Soto embarks on a road-trip adventure
all around the island, visiting regions so
remote that you can only arrive by raft, horseback, or swimming. His journey will leave your mouth watering as we go from
the middle of nowhere to the cities in
order to rediscover the culinary roots of
an exciting Cuba in a time of change.

"Eye-opening...mouth-watering! Made with an archivist’s heart and a gourmand’s soul."

"If it can do for Cuban food what Jiro did for sushi, the island could have a
cult of hungry Americans arriving as soon as they’re legally allowed."


"A gorgeous love letter to the people and country of Cuba...a real triumph overall."

"A culinary adventure that would have made Anthony Bourdain blush."

Watch the trailer
For a screening link and more information, please contact:

Marc Mauceri | | 212-243-0600 x20

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