Dear Exhibitors and Programmers,

I'm pleased to tell you about a new documentary we've taken on called Sunken Roads: Three Generations After D-Day. A first-person documentary reminiscent of films by Agnes Varda and Ross McElwee, Sunken Roads offers a new perspective on D-Day by presenting the memories of 90-year-old men through the eyes of a 20-year-old woman.

Let me know if you'd like a screening link.

Marc Mauceri
First Run Features
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Three Generations After D-Day
Sunken Roads: Three Generations After D-Day follows Charlotte, a young woman who joins eight D-Day veterans on a road trip to retrace their steps from World War II. The veterans come to see Charlotte as a granddaughter, trusting her with their stories and confronting the trauma that still haunts them 70 years after the war.

From an interview with first-time director Charlotte Juergens: "I shot Sunken Roads when I was twenty years old. When the veterans were that age, they'd trained for the D-Day invasion in Cornwall, crossed the channel to Omaha Beach, and fought to liberate French towns from German occupation. Although they were still haunted by memories of horrific carnage, these soldiers felt compelled to return to Normandy, to "make the circle", as one of them put it. I was honored to accompany them."
For a screening link and more information please contact Marc Mauceri

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